The bathroom of a house says as much about a person’s personal style as almost any other room in the house. The one thing that many people want in their bathrooms is a feature cannot be found in everyone else’s home.

Copper bathtubs are one such feature and they have been popular in the U.S. since olden because of their ability to be set in front of a fire, helping the water to stay warm. However, today many people do not choose this option because they believe that copper bathtubs are difficult to maintain. But the fact is that these bath tubs are not only easy to care for, but can also benefit one’s health.

Copper bathtubs are sophisticated and luxurious also providing the viewer with an eye-catching detail. True t the fact that this material is more expensive than a traditional porcelain tub, yet with its personality and charm, the money is worth spending for.

Here are five simple tips for maintaining the beauty of any copper tub:

  1. Mineral deposits left to build-up after every bath will harm the finish of a copper tub. The best way to ensure its beauty is to rinse it with a mild soap solution and wipe it dry after use, ensuring that its quality and elegance last a lifetime.
  2. However, do not over clean it with souring and abrasive cleaners. Copper consists of natural bacteria-fighting agents, which is why the lesser done is better. Furthermore, most cleaning agents can be corrosive to the copper finish, damaging the finish and eliminating the natural components that are actually healthy for the human body.
  3. For people living in an area with a supply of hard water, the mineral content of the water will be high and additional precautions will need to be taken. Simply rinse and wipe dry after each use in order to prevent build up of these raw materials in order to prevent damage to the copper.
  4. To ensure the longevity of your copper bathtub, get it waxed periodically. The best way to tell if the copper tub’s surface is protected is to watch for beading of water when it is applied. This ensures that there is no build-up of mineral deposits and that the finish is unscathed. You can use beeswax or wax used for plumbing fixtures such as copper faucets.
  5. If you enjoy adding special fragrances or bubbles to a bath, it is important to remember that some substances are harmful to copper and, therefore, manufacturer recommendations will need to be consulted before use.

The popularity of installing a copper bathtub is growing for a variety of reasons. It is not only elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but is also easy to clean, keeps water warm longer, and is much lighter in weight than traditional vintage cast iron tubs. Regardless of the style of the copper bathtub selected, a copper tub will add a beautiful focal point to any bathroom.

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