What you Must Know about Owning Copper Bathtubs

Old Victorian houses undergoing renovations are a common example where we see copper tubs being replaced with stone bathtubs. The reason for this is that copper bathtubs are deemed to very old fashioned and a basic style of bathtub these days. In olden times these copper bathtubs did not have any faucets or direct way of pouring the water into the tub and had to be filled by hand. They were small and were usually very thinly made.

However, if we see today, the modern bathroom that is home to these vintage copper bath tubs clearly have all the benefits that modern designs have today. There is absolutely no reason why one should not buy a copper bathtub for their bathrooms today.

Copper bathtubs offer an increase in the aesthetic appeal of the actual bathroom itself. This means that they’re much bought more today to make the bathroom look good as opposed to actually being used for bathing.

The best benefit of having a copper bathtub within a large bathroom is that they can usually be situated near the main or central bathtub, or they can be put more out of the way. The purpose of a copper bathtub is to simply look good and show of a certain amount of extravagance and wealth in our homes.

Copper bathtubs are undoubtedly more expensive than other stone bathtubs, but purchasing one for enhancing the elegance of our bathroom is worth all the money spent. Furthermore the maintenance of copper bathtubs are more easy than the maintenance of stone bathtubs. All that a user must do after every bath is to ensure that there are no mineral deposits on the surface which might cause staining to it. You can use a simple soap to wash it, rinse it and then wipe it off to make it shine again.

Every copper bath tub is not just for show. You can also buy them for health reason as the copper present in it can heal you and replenish your health in many ways. Unless you’re used to bathing on copper there’s a definite change when making the switch from what’s usually a very smooth acrylic plastic. They’re also very expensive, copper is an expensive enough metal as it is and as you can imagine if you build an entire full size full functioning bathtub out of copper then you’re talking many thousands of dollars.

Why you should choose Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels

There are a number of fireplace mantle options from which you can choose ranging from wood to marble fireplace mantles. There is no end to how you go ahead and decorate your home, especially when it comes to mantelpieces.

The Stone Fireplace Mantel is one of the best choices that you will come across that will give you the dream house that you’ve always desired. For the traditional fireplace mantel, crafted by the master artisan, look no further than stone fireplaces.

The stone fireplace mantels are convenient for the fact that they can be customized and designed to fit any area in your home, whether you prefer a Victorian fireplace mantel or a Renaissance reproduction.

Cast stone fireplace mantles may be polished to give you the finished veneer of both the styles, or you can choose to go for a standard antique finish. The results will undoubtedly surprise you.

When it comes to cast stone fireplace mantles, sandstone is perhaps the easiest of all surfaces to work with. It is durable and gives its owners an unexpected finish. From a delicately designed mantel shelf to the pillars on your fireplace mantels, you can expect a fabulous finish.

Custom designed fireplaces in cast stone are the most exquisite ones. For an opulent outdoor fireplace to an interior fireplace with, cast stone mantles can accomplish a range of different looks. We may even use more than one style in our designs.

With cast stone fireplace mantels we will surely have a great deal of latitude, allowing us to design the most appropriate fireplace for our homes. Renowned for its workability amongst trade contractors and architects alike, limestone or sandstone is extremely popular. Generally, there are three textures that are commonly used

  1. Travertine Texture Fireplace
  2. Sandstone Finish Fireplace
  3. Stone Surround

The Travertine texture is a texture that simulates natural stone, which is uneven and pitted, and resembles a delicate antique finish. This texture gives richness to the design, and is perfect for replicas of antique fireplaces.

The Sandstone texture is smooth and will give us an opulent finish depending on the gloss type we desire. This texture is suitable for more modern and streamlined fireplaces.

The antique or stone surround’s finished texture is the perfect finish for Victorian fireplace mantels and such pieces that are imaginative and make us journey into the distant past.

Regardless of the texture, cast stone fireplace mantels compliment our homes, no matter what the size is. It is also typically strong and guaranteed not to crack. Stone is 100% non-flammable, which is important in a fireplace material. The materials used for stone fireplace mantels are of a high quality to ensure that we will get the best value.

Why Owning a Stone Bathtub is an Alluring Idea

If you have been an ardent admirer of beautiful homes and bathrooms, then you must have surely noticed that some of the most beautiful bathtubs are stone bathtubs.

Stone bathtubs come in various styles ranging from alluring granite to stunning marble and more. The beauty of choosing stone bathtubs, is that it can be customized, adding an essential element of style to your already elegant bathroom.

As a house owner if you ever thought of changing the look of your bathrooms without spending too much, then the most luxurious change is to purchase a marble corner bathtub. This tub if especially matched other accessories like your sinks and cistern will create an even more dynamic effect.

There are a number of beautiful options out there for us to try when it comes to choosing a stone bathtub. It is fun to re-decorate our homes and bathrooms with stone, and to add the perfect accessories that will look great and create an ambiance in your home that will help you relax and unwind. Imagine how pretty our bathrooms would look, with a marble bathtub sitting right there in our bathrooms, matching the silver faucets, and marble sink. Isn’t it the perfect pace to de-stress ourselves?

If for instance you do not want to purchase a granite or marble plain old tub-style, there are still a number of stone bathtub alternatives you can choose from, which are more suited to your personal taste. You can choose the beautiful claw tub, or stone bathtubs that sit upright, those that are oblong basin-shaped and almost like the claw tub, except for the actual claws on the four feet of the tub that act as tiny legs to keep it standing in place.

No matter what your personal style is, go ahead and browse around and till you find the very best stone bathtubs available in the market today. There are more pieces of great stone bathtubs and bathroom accessories in stock in the market or online, which will save you the trouble of having to look anywhere else. Give your home décor an elegant touch, enhance your ability to relax and unwind in a beautiful setting, and even give your health a boost with the help of an exceptional stone bathtubs, sold in the most high quality condition and at great prices especially for you.

Tips to Maintain your Copper Bathtub

The bathroom of a house says as much about a person’s personal style as almost any other room in the house. The one thing that many people want in their bathrooms is a feature cannot be found in everyone else’s home.

Copper bathtubs are one such feature and they have been popular in the U.S. since olden because of their ability to be set in front of a fire, helping the water to stay warm. However, today many people do not choose this option because they believe that copper bathtubs are difficult to maintain. But the fact is that these bath tubs are not only easy to care for, but can also benefit one’s health.

Copper bathtubs are sophisticated and luxurious also providing the viewer with an eye-catching detail. True t the fact that this material is more expensive than a traditional porcelain tub, yet with its personality and charm, the money is worth spending for.

Here are five simple tips for maintaining the beauty of any copper tub:

  1. Mineral deposits left to build-up after every bath will harm the finish of a copper tub. The best way to ensure its beauty is to rinse it with a mild soap solution and wipe it dry after use, ensuring that its quality and elegance last a lifetime.
  2. However, do not over clean it with souring and abrasive cleaners. Copper consists of natural bacteria-fighting agents, which is why the lesser done is better. Furthermore, most cleaning agents can be corrosive to the copper finish, damaging the finish and eliminating the natural components that are actually healthy for the human body.
  3. For people living in an area with a supply of hard water, the mineral content of the water will be high and additional precautions will need to be taken. Simply rinse and wipe dry after each use in order to prevent build up of these raw materials in order to prevent damage to the copper.
  4. To ensure the longevity of your copper bathtub, get it waxed periodically. The best way to tell if the copper tub’s surface is protected is to watch for beading of water when it is applied. This ensures that there is no build-up of mineral deposits and that the finish is unscathed. You can use beeswax or wax used for plumbing fixtures such as copper faucets.
  5. If you enjoy adding special fragrances or bubbles to a bath, it is important to remember that some substances are harmful to copper and, therefore, manufacturer recommendations will need to be consulted before use.

The popularity of installing a copper bathtub is growing for a variety of reasons. It is not only elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but is also easy to clean, keeps water warm longer, and is much lighter in weight than traditional vintage cast iron tubs. Regardless of the style of the copper bathtub selected, a copper tub will add a beautiful focal point to any bathroom.